Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an API in order to use CRUDL?


How do you deal with different response formats?

Not every API response has the same structure. Therefore, the connector needs to transform the response in order to provide the views with a unified data structure.

Can I change the look & feel of the interface?

Yes. Although we think that only minor adjustments are needed since we'll invest a lot of time into polishing the interface, making it the best possible experience.

What about authentication and permissions?

You can easily add your own authentication process and handle permissions.

Does CRUDL offer frontend validation?

Yes. That said, we think that your API should already include validation and send appropriate error messages.

Do you use a frontend framework?

No. We carefully evaluated all major frontend frameworks, but we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re better off writing our own (for now).

Where is the CRUDL code?

It's available on GitHub.

What's the License?


Is CRUDL production ready?

No. We plan to have a stable version in the first quarter of 2017.